Second day jinx. So the initial excitement has worn off and now I have to keep up the momentum of writing a blog, find topics etc. I always seem to have so much to say about anything that shouldn't be so hard. I'm what some people would refer to as an opinionated bastard! Be that as it may I have been known to speak my mind on occasion. My only difficulty is trying to stay on topic, I could start off talking about one thing and suddenly veer way over somewhere else. I apologize to those of you looking for order and symmetry because that won't be here. Things pop into my mind and drift out the end of my fingers onto the page. I don't have any particular flea in my ear today so I'd thought what I 'd do is try and tie up a few loose ends that might have been left dangling from my first posting,(if anyone is out there and caring; talk about writing in a vacuum; assuming you have an audience you natter away when it could end up your just another guy off his meds wandering down the street barking in the wind to yourself) The address(not addy: I hate this goddamned internet speak. Its cutesy, lazy, and I think most people use it because it makes them feel like their in some special club with its own unique language when it just sounds like so much airheaded valleyspeak)((How many people did I just offend, probably(((not prolly you morons)))no one as whose reading this anyway so I can do what I want))pippensqueak dot whatever is in reference to one of my cats. As is the case most often the address I wanted wasn't available (leapinthedark)so I needed to come up with something else. Pippen is the name of one of our cats. He is long and skinny except for his barrel chest and tummy. He has also never really learned how to make any other noises aside from a series of squeaks, mostly in a really high register. I think he also has to be one of the most affectionate and happy little kitties I have ever met.(I turn into big sentimental softy when talking about my cats, lose all detachment, and can get quite nauseating) I write. But its more then that. Words are important to me. They communicate ideas, thought, emotions, whatever. They fit into patterns: one way there a poem another a story. They can be used for purposes nefarious and good. Somehow or other you can put them into other people's mouths or say something in your own, you can search for the right one or run out of them, but they are always there. Every language has them, no matter the construct. By the way we use words we are known. You can tell a lot about a person,education, economical background, but even more then that their character. When you meet someone for the first time play a game. What are they trying to do with their words? Are they just talking or are they doing something else. My wife tells me that I have good instincts when it comes to judging people, but its because I listen to what the words are telling me, not what the person is saying. Listen behind the words. Well like I said I write and I have some stuff for sale somewhere else on the web(lulu.com.) A small book of poetry, a couple of opinion pieces, a review of a book of Vigo Mortensen(ironical to this point the only thing that's sold, talk about celebrity groupies)and excerpts from the novel I'm currently working on(I'll deal with that on a separate posting) I need to do some updating, I've been selling the novel in serial form and need to post a bunch of chapters(not that anyone seems to be waiting for any of them with baited breath) but it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. I'm going to try and download Hello! and add some photo's to this post and my profile, so I'll stop for now. Wish me luck. I tend to get a little impatient with new software. Oh yeah I'll see about putting my Lulu.com site in the links section of my blog. cheers gypsyman


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