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It only took me two days but I finally got the link to my store front on Lulu.com to work. I can hear the laughter. They spell it out for you, how easier can it get. Well first I had to find the place in settings to show that piece of code in my template, then I had to learn how to read. Yep, learn how to read instructions. Sometimes I get overexcited and miss bits, bits that turn out to be important. Like which way the tag is supposed to go. SHAMELESS BEGGING TIME!!! My paypal account is stuck at $8.00 and it won't let me take the money out into my greedy little hands until it hits $10.00, so please buy something, anything for $2.00 or more. Hey you may even like it. (smug note: I couldn't get the bold to shut off and was getting pissed when I said to myself why not see if you can do it in the edit HTML tab above, and lo and behold I was able. Will wonders never cease) Me and society in a microcosm. I know I've made clear that I'm at odds with the way mainstream minds but I'd thought you may like an example of what it is your dealing with when you come to this page. Over Easter weekend in Kingston Ontario(that's March 25th -27th) we had a perticurlarly nasty incident. On Friday a young man had his throat cut in a bar, and he subsequently died. He was from a fairly affluent sub-burb, high school and local University football star so the outrage was quick and loud. "Brutal and cowardly" were the words used by the police officer leading the investigation on the day after. Initial word was that they were looking to charge someone with first degree murder and the public was warned the man was armed and dangerous. Then we were deluged with praises for the young man: fine athlete, team leader, admired by his friends and quotes about his playing ability. Phrases like promising future cut off before it could start. So all set up like a brutal unprovoked murder that shocks and apalls: A community saddened etc. But buried in the stories details are revealed. One the suspect turned himself in the next day and the charge has been dropped to 2nd degree murder(In Canada we, thank everything, do not have the death penalty, but the distinction between 1st and 2nd degree murders is premeditation and ten years in jail)Two the murder weapon was found in the immediate area of the crime scene and the police aren't revealing its nature which raises questions about what whether the accused was armed or merely grabbed a knife up off a table.(the bar in question does serve food and had lots of cutlery available. Third the bar in question is known for its disposition for fights fueled by alcohol. Each summer there is at least one major altercation outside or inside the bar. When close to a thousand people are packed into a place and large amounts of alcohol are consumed it doesn't take much of a match to set off a fire. Then there are the circumstances, which are just starting to come to light and right now its impossible to know how much credence to place on the stories that are circulating, but they are not painting the victim in a very good light. It seems he may have been threatening the accused's girlfriend with a beating. Now here's where my personal bias comes into play. First I've looked at pictures of both men in the papers, and of the two the one who feels the most threatening is the dead football player. Having been the receiving end of verbal abuse by drunk obnoxious jocks many times and knowing their propensity for violence, maybe I'm colouring my views, but still he is a very scary and intimidating man. If I felt he was threatening my wife I don't know how I would react. The accused's(what I can only assume is a mug shot) picture looks a lot less threatening. I don't feel threatened at all. Now comes the final bit. The dead man is white and the culprit black. Oops a nice white high school and university football hero killed by an big city out of town black man. When I moved to Kingston form Toronto(one of the most racially divers cities in the world) the first thing I noticed was the almost complete absence of colour. Canada has always prided itself as not having the race issues of the United States, but the reason for that is simple, we have far less people of colour up here, save a couple of major metropolitan centres. Instead of overt racism we get it doesn't exist because they don't exist. The reality is that we are just a lot more genteel and covert. (My upper middle-class mother in law from small town eastern Ontario still uses Jewed to describe be cheated with out noticing that she saying anything wrong) Its the old liberal I've got nothing against them but not in my neighborhood attitude. The further you get from the major centres the more prevalent it gets. I guess what I'm leading up to with this is the possibility of racism being part of the mix can't be ignored. No one deserves to have their throat slit and the grief of the young man's family and friends can not be denied, but it also seems that everyone has decided that he is some innocent victim of a dastardly persons actions before we even know circumstances of the incident. When ever I hear someone being praised to that extent I begin to wonder if they ever even used to go to the bathroom. I probably wouldn't be very well liked in my community for these types of comments but when I hear prejudicing to the extent that has happened in this case, it gets my back up. gypsyman oh yeah I don't think you'll being seeing my picture anytime soon, I can't be bothered downloading more software, lazy sod huh. I'll try to set up a web page somewhere else and link you to images that are important to me.


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