Hey there and welcome world to my little contribution to the noise and convincing that permeate the Ethernet. This will be brief as I hear my wife stirring and so will have to surrender the computer soon, so I'll just offer an explanatory note about the title. A leap in the dark is an act of blind faith, trusting your judgment and instincts that whatever it is your about to do is right and that your not going to end up up to your ankles in dung. Since in my opinion that's what the whole world needs to do right now in order to salvage itself(take a flying leap in any direction but the one we're heading in cause frankly it really can't get much worse) I figure its a good starting point for the topics of conversation, rants and diatribes you will be subjected to when wandering carelessly across the path of my guidance system. Which leads nicely into the second reason for my choice of title. For lack of a better word I would be considered alternative, outside of the norm if you would. In that context I've come into contact with various folk who preach various things concerning the healing of oneself and the world. Too many of these seem preoccupied with "going to the light" or imploring me to "come to the light" Now since I have no intention of leaving this plane of existence any time soon I've failed to see the purpose in their proposed journeys. At best it seems to me just another way of ignoring your own and the worlds problems. If your focus is primarily on light how can you deal with the shadows that darken your own soul and those of the earth. Hence a leap into the dark: the darkness within and without. Contrary to what more an more people seem to feel there are no guardian angels who are set to deliver us from ourselves. That work is our own. The longest and hardest leap you'll ever have to make is the one into the unknown of yourself. Its a dark and lonely cave, but well worth the journey. Lest you feel that I'm just some cynical new age bashing politico non spiritual type I will ease your minds somewhat by tell you that I'm a Reiki master in the Usi-Tibetan traditions well as being a registered Karuna Reiki Teacher. These are tools on the journey not the answer, and it would be well for more of us to start thinking that way. bye for now Gypsyman


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