I'm really beginning to dislike my own species! More and more the arrogance and lack of compassion of individuals is wrecking havoc upon this world. You can look at in any way you, globally or locally and it all works out to be the same thing: I'm more important, I'm better, and You don't matter seems to be the mantra of today's world. This has been driven home to me on a personal level by two separate incidences that have happened to people I know in two different locations about a thousand miles apart. Both times the death of a beloved pet was involved. My sister in law in Alberta came home from work one day to find her cat in a plastic shopping bag on her front lawn with a note pinned to it saying" your cat was killed by a car, if you don't do something about it we will call the city to dispose of it". The second incident was a neighbour of mine's cat was sitting a foot from a curb on the supposedly quiet residential street where I live and was killed by a passing motorist. In neither case did the person who hit the animal wait to apologies or even stop. (There is no way that you can hit an animal as large as a cat and not feel it) The callousness of this to me is beyond belief. Even if you yourself have no feelings for the animal in question, how can you not put yourself in the shoes of the person who will have suffered the loss? What can of person can just snuff out the live of a companion without any feelings of remorse or even pity? In my sister in laws case the damage was exasperated by the behavior of a neighbour who seemed to only care about the unsightly mess that somehow she was to blame for. If anyone out there is tempted to say "oh its only a cat" then I've got news for you. That makes you one of those people who are part of the problem. You see as a species our arrogance is separating ourselves from the rest of the population of the world is what is leading us to destroy where we live. By believing us to be better we blind ourselves to the fact that each species plays a part in the delicate balance of the world. If you picture life on the planet as spider web, and each strand is a species you can not fail to see the integration. Pluck one stand and the whole web vibrates. In our arrogance we blithely tear out huge chunks of the web not realizing that we are cutting the strings that support us. If we are not careful we will soon be left with nothing. Until we as a species stop thinking ourselves separate, different or better then others there is no way that we will be able to change the course we've been on for the last two thousand odd years. It may not cause our extinction soon, but latter almost always shows up, if not for us but our grandchildren. cheers gypsyman


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