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In an effort to prove that I'm not all cynicism and anger I've decided to dedicate today's page to some pictures of my "kids" Yep I'm going to prove that an iconoclast can be just as mushy and sentimental as the next person. Now everyone has already met Pippen, who gave his name to the address of this illustrious page, but still has not had the pleasure of everyone else's company(unless of course you've linked over to my web page...Speaking of links have you been to my store yet at Lulu. com-I've got a new booklet of poetry going slow and a couple more chapters of the novel uploaded HINT HINT) To start will have the eldest of the bunch: Star turned 13 in February, but still maintains a slightly demonic streak, one only has to see her run down the hall of our apartment via the wall to understand she a special relationship with gravity. I have always thought that there was something snake like about cats, and Star has a characteristic quite unique to her in that she can lower nictitating lenses over her eyes, an inner eye lid that looks like a naked layer of skin. Its actually quite revolting. Thankfully she's not doing that in this picture. Here she is eating some tuna in the "Kitty Hammock"

Star in the Kitty Hammock! When my wife Eriana and I got together she brought with her four cats, with Star being the youngest. Unfortunately illness took its toll her brother and sister; one we lost to diabetes after two years of insulin shots, a second developed cancerous tumors in her ears that gradually became too much for her, and the third got badly scalded when a pitcher of boiling water blew up in my hand. Although she survived the accident, thanks to some wonderful vet work by the people at Beardal's Animal Hospital in Kingston Ontario, we think she never recovered from the shock of the experience and her body shut down a year later. She stopped eating and drinking, and we were trying to keep her alive by force feeding and home intravenous, but after she stopped passing fluids we let her go. After the diabetic cat passed we waited a year until we found someone to adopt. Eriana had started dreaming about a grey cat named Ely about a month before we found him. One day she went into a pet store near at hand to look around and as she walked by a cage a little grey paw snaked out and swiped at her. She looked in the cage and the same paw reached out and bopped her on the nose. She came home to await my arrival from work and told me about him. I looked at her and said "Let's go" The first year was difficult to say the least. Ely has some wild cat in him, and he was what you would call an exuberant kitten("I'm going throw him out in the street if he doesn't calm down" was the frustrated comment of my wife one day after fruitlessly trying to study with him destroying the house) Anyway he has since settled down and is now 3 years old and huge. Not heavy but muscular. I'm just glad he likes us.

Ely curled up in a small ball in the kitty hammock

(Note the size of the shoulders and neck)
Eriana and I were married in July of 2003 after living together for seven years. In September of that year her oldest cat left her. She had been plagued with cysts in her ears for years, small growths that did her no harm but filled her ears with dirt. What we didn't know(and neither did the vets) was that this condition could and did develop into an untreatable cancer. The surgery to remove them actually caused them to multiply and spread. We decided that we needed to find a replacement for her immediately. With that in mind we headed up to the pet store to look for a new female cat. Upon entering the store we proceeded back to the glassed in enclosure where the kittens were living and each immediately spotted a cat. Not the same one. My eye was caught by a little black female sitting in the back of the enclosure casting a disdainful eye upon her fellows who were pushing and shoving in the food and water bowls, while regally cleaning a paw: definitely royalty. Meanwhile on the other side of the partition, the case was split into two halves so as separate litters, a small black form had plastered himself belly first against the window upon seeing her. We asked if we might see both of them. We stood there with one on each shoulder while they greeted each other like long lost siblings(they were from different litters) cleaning each other and purring happily. I asked Eriana what she wanted to do, knowing full well what the answer was and so Pippen and Bridget came home with us.

Queen Bridget Anu Marcus on the throne!

Pippen in the Kitty Hammock

(Note the tongue hanging out)

Well there you are, you've now met the kids, and have another piece of the puzzle that does or does not make up the picture that is me. Is he bitter and angry, raging against injustice and the general stupidity of the human race, or is that all a fraud and he's really just a sentimental softy? Well, don't ask me how the hell should I know, and its not any of your business anyway.




Anonymous boobookitty - um -you know said...

uh huh,
it's like the Ace in your pocket
never reveal all, keep them quessing, . . .and smile sweetly while you mess with their heads.
ooops - was that out loud?
Eri the Scarey Faerie,
Ring Leader of Mischief,
Queen of Surprise,
Your favorite Strange Creature

yup ---all one person
your darling wife (waahahahahehehhehe)

8:09 p.m.  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Action Scene1: Mysterious Gypsy Queen laughs at the cuteness displayed on her computer screen..Laughing hard she starts to cough,hack,wheez,and roll off her throne as she sees the expression of Pippykin's face as to say "this is what I think of today's society"
I love you both..Domie hides from the world inside empty box..He liked seeing his cousins on screen..I always like it when you tell it like it is..If I did I wouldn't stop...Keep it up,never stop at what you do....LOVE FROM THE GypsyLizardQueen..xoxoxox

8:48 p.m.  
Anonymous Swamp Fae said...

actually - I thought Pipin looked "soused"

10:33 a.m.  

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