Enemies List

They say its always good to know who your enemies are, and to try and know what they are up to.(who are they anyway these guys with all these sayings and advice)To the end I've decided to try and revive a weekly ENEMIES OF THE ENVIRONMENT list. These are coporations and people who are contributing to the demise of some part of our non sustainable resources. Who are shortening the life span of our planet. I think I'll start with a local company in Canada. BOMBARDIER INC. These guys are a multi national company that is currently best known for always threatening to go under unless the government of Canada props them up with sweet deals on loans and tax breaks so they can keep manufacturing rolling stock for rapid transit systems world wide. They have also recently expanded into the aerospace industry and are developing a mid size jet for the short hops that are in such demand by business travelers. But their real crimes lie in the roots of their business. Their first item, and the one they are responsible for introducing to the world are two of the most environmentally damaging recreational vehicles: snowmobiles and jet skis. Although an argument could have been made for the need of the snowmobile when it was first introduced. I'm sure for the people who live in the constant snow of the arctic these vehicles were a boon to their survival, but with its continued growth as a recreational vehicle we have seen them become symbolic with the destruction of quiet in the winter and the decimation of forest habitat. Cutting huge swaths through fields and forests they indiscriminately plow through habitats that were previously untroubled by human noise. Fright factor alone is enough to condemn these noise makers. Then there is the simple fact that they allow humans mass access to areas that would have been relativly undisturbed, which in turn sets up disruptions in animal behavior, plus the inevitable spread of physical pollution that travel with us like a plague. They will disturb mating and hibernation periods, nesting and gestating families and spread carbon dioxide into even further reaches of pristine wilderness.(the off shoot of these vehicles is of course the horrible ATV which travel the same fields and paths in the non snow months ripping up the undergrowth as well as doing all the above) Then there is the Jet Ski which has never served any discernible purpose except to create horrendous amounts of noise and disrupt wildlife. Even worse is that they are having a noticeable effect of lake side nesting birds. With their shallow keels they are able to approach further in shore at high speeds, which leads to large wakes washing up on the shore line and swamping nests. This has already had a noticeable effect on the Loon population throughout lakes and rivers in populated areas. Many's the time I have an idyllic moment destroyed by one of these monsters of recreational fun. Human beings seem to have a unique talent for inventing ways to have fun at the expense of something else. I say if your looking for thrills and speed why not try and hitch a ride on a shark tail while scuba diving. There's the risk of death and high speed right there. Some of you may say that Bombardier is a small time offender compared to some others, and maybe compared to oil companies and agri-business they are, but its because of that they need to be pointed out. Its important to realize how widespread the rot in our society is. Remember cancer always starts out small, but it quickly grows to dominate the healthy body. cheers gypsyman


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