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The observant ones among you will have noticed something new about my blog pages. At the very top on the right hand side you'll now see an ad, while on the bottom you'll find a googol search box. I hope I didn't shatter anybodies illusions about me, but then again I do say that I'm an Iconoclast, which of course means somebody who breaks icons, or to translate that into modern terms goes against the accepted norm of expected behavior. As far as I'm concerned that applies to everything, including being someone who rails against the society we live in for being crass and consumer driven. I'm not about to justify who or what I am or my actions, but I've decided to experiment with these ads for the time being for two reasons. One is very simple I need any extra cash I can get. I'm on a disability pension that barely covers basic needs(so's my wife) and every little bit helps. The other reason is I'm fascinated with the whole process of the technology of the web. They say over at Google that they will ensure the ads will be appropriate to the content of my pages, and I'm fascinated to see what they will considers appropriate to what I write. So far this had included an ad for a recycling company, very cool, and an alternative fuel source supplier, even cooler. So if these adds help support the very things we need to change the world for the better I think its more then appropriate. If it turns out that all I'm doing is giving a forum to things that don't work for me then I'll scrape the whole idea, but for now you'll just have to cope. It's no different from those of you with web sites who place ad content on your pages, but here I'm in control of the content visa via my content. I find it appealing to be able to exert control over what is being advertised on the net, and as long as that's the case and it helps me to continue to promote alternative means of living then I've no problem with one little box of text in the top right hand corner. Update a day latter. At the top of the Blog under the title you'll now see some more ads. These are for other blog sites. Each link takes you to a blog, in turn my blog address will be appearing in similar ads on other peoples pages. I've got to try and figure out if I can make the thing look any less jaring. That's the code they sent me by mail and to frank I'm not too thrilled, takes up a lot of space and looks pretty butt ugly. If I'm not able to change it for the better it's not staying. cheers gypsyman


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