What's Everyone So Afraid of?

My mind tends to wander all over the place, think about odd things at odd times. Primarily this seems to happen when I'm doing something mindless like the dishes, or waiting for my coffee to brew. That's when I ask myself the best questions. Take for instance just now. I'd woken up from an afternoon nap and gone out to the kitchen to start a coffee and I was standing there looking out at the rain hitting the window(hopping it wouldn't start coming in again)and out of nowhere a thought popped into my head. Why is everything about control in religion? I'm talking about the big three here only of course. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. They all start off by loading on the guilt. Your all sinners to begin with they say. Adam and Eve screwed up and you guys are still paying for it, stained by that original sin. There you go, a black mark against your soul right from the get go and you've got no say in the matter. Talk about a stacked deck. Of course if you're a good little boy and girl and follow all the rules, well then you'll get a reward after your done here. Eternal Salvation. Heaven. Whatever. But if you continue to on in your sinful ways, then that's it, straight to the pit with you. Eternal Damnation. Now Christians seem to get off a little easier then the rest of you. For them God sent down his son Jesus to die and take away the stain of original sin for you. But then again if that's not the ultimate guilt trip...I gave up my kid for you so the least you can do is get it right from now on. What I want to know is why are they desperate to control all aspects of people's lives. What are they so scared we are going to do? Can it be any worse then any of the crimes that have been committed in the name of any of these religions? I hate to say it but I think that Karl Marx was on the right track when he talked about religion being the opiate of the masses, but he didn't go far enough. Not only do the religions control people economically, but they reach out and suppress our very natures. By linking sex sole to procreation they ensure control over our bodies and freedom of sexual identity. Woe be you if as a woman you don't want to have numerous children or if your uncle rapped you and you don't want to carry the baby to term. Or if your gay and want to be treated equally. Then you'll see just how compassionate the devout can be. How about if you have a different belief system altogether? First its the missionaries to try and convert you, then the soldiers to back up the word with the sword, then the merchants with their material enticements, and the next thing you know your assimilated and your distinct culture is dead.(Cultural genocide can be bloodless) Is it any wonder that certain cultures prohibit contact with outside influences, greet foreigners with poison arrows, or create seemingly restrictive laws protecting their language and traditions. But what is it they are so afraid of? Well I think it comes down to two things. The first is that if you look back in time you'll see a common element: They all three replaced existing earth based, Godess worshipping religions. The usurper never rests easy on the throne, especially the one the goes against the natural order. Women create, the planet is referred to as mother earth and we all depend on her bounty for survival. But in all these religions the main focus of worship is a patriarchal figure. They know on some instinctual level that they are in the wrong and that if they don't keep the lid clamped down tight they'll be found out and tossed out of there. The second thing is related to the first in that they are scared that people will realize the rules imposed on their behavior are meaningless and that their authority rests on thin wedge of people's credibility. They are in a desperate struggle to ensure that people remain unquestionably obedient and keep everything on an emotional good versus evil/black and white level. Without strict guidelines some grey might slip in and questions that can't be answered will start being asked. There are only so many times that "God works in mysterious ways" , "It's a matter of faith", "Allah wills it", or "It is written" are going to work when people aren't buying it anymore. I have no problem with people's faith, if makes you happy and keeps you sane and from hurting other people, that's great. But what gets under my skin is the desperate need they have for people to follow rules that ensure power to a few people, and that continues the subjection of the majority. If the powers of all the religions of the world really cared about the needy they could start by redistributing some of their wealth. I'm sure they could pay off quite a chunk of the developing world's debt without taking that sizable a hit. Until they start acting like they really care about everybody and anybody then there's no way for me to believe they don't have an ulterior motive or simply acting out of a desire to protect their territory.

cheers gypsyman


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