Windows Rant

My turn! Yep probably everybody's done it but it's my turn. I use Windows 98, maybe Windows 98 2nd edition I'm not sure. The thieves I bought the system from gave me a manual with second edition on the cover covered over in black magic marker(you can still see it) and a disc with a date reflecting Windows 98. If anyone reads this and knows a quick easy way to tell the difference let me know. Everything everywhere says 98 but a friend gave me an update disk and there was no difference between what was on it and what is on my system. Going to Microsoft is no use because they've stopped differentiating, they just call everything Windows 98.(the pecker heads)(can I say that oh well too late I did already). But that's not all. I've been cruising along for four years now and never had a problem with my dial up. Password saved etc just hit the connect button. Then yesterday morning for no discernible reason it all of sudden demanded a password be entered and the remember box had been grayed out. I spent two hours searching through the system trying to figure out how to fix this problem including running the so called troubleshooter for modems and ended up having less idea of what was going on then when I started. In the end I phoned my service provider who even though it wasn't their problem very nicely helped me out and got everything fixed up in two seconds. I hope it never happens again because I don't think I know what I did. I remember when I first started with Windows reading a book about it, and it saying very nicely that one thing to be prepared for is the system just going out to sit under a tree for a while and re setting itself for no apparent reason. What gets me is that all the new operating systems that come out, especially XP, seem to be even more unstable. So I'm really happy with 98 and have no plans to change no matter how awkward it is. I don't use games, I've got great software that allows me to do what ever I need to do(cool edit pro, photoshop, etc.) In my opinion Microsoft would have just focused on perfecting what they had instead of dicking around with new things that don't work well. Well that was pretty mild wasn't it, I guess the anger has dissipated and my hunger is more important so, I'm going to have lunch. I meant to say something earlier, if you read my review " A Taste of Curry you should get yourself over to http://www.epicindia.com/ and check out his website or go over to Ashok's blog Indiaenglish.blogspot. Lot of fun and very interesting. cheers gypsyman


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