Well I'm proud of myself. I managed to figure out how to do some stuff that probably most of the rest you have no problem with. First I've got my web site up on its baby legs and have been able to link it to the blog. The web sit is in turn linked to this page and to my storefront at Lulu.com(where my books are still for sale) I've got links everywhere. I feel almost literate. Then I went into the world of Google and registered all my sites with their search engines, and have even begun the Froogle application process(that's their specialty search engine for shoppers)I must admit that there is the distinct possibility that none of my pages will make the grade with either Google or Froogle, but it made me feel so, oh I don't know, computerish. Finally I've just been able to figure out how to get a picture of me and pippen(of pippen squeak) into my profile. Post the url. of the picture from my website's files . Wow neat. That was so much fun... What can I do next...... cheers for now gypsyman


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