Faith, or lack there of!

As you may have gathered from previous posts I have some pretty firm opinions about a lot of the New Age goobledy gook that's out there. Now most of its pretty harmless; doesn't hurt anybody except maybe the participants I.Q. in that thinking along lines that fuzzy has got to do you permanent brain damage. But if you want to believe your channeling space dolphins that's your business. You may not be doing anything for yourself but your not harming anybody. But there is a new trend out there which while not necessarily dangerous, is down right insulting to people who have genuine beliefs. I don't have much use for any of the big religions but that doesn't mean that the people who believe those tenets shouldn't be treated with respect. The problems I have with them are based on the ones who don't respect another's choice of faith. If I can't honour their choices then I'm as bad as the ones I critasise. The trend I'm talking about is to take figures who are central to people's belief system and co-opt them to your own needs and giving them designations that make them palatable to you. Somebody somewhere out there has come up with the designation of Ascended Master. A meaningless appellant if I've ever seen one it lumps together people of disparate backgrounds into a convenient package. At best it seems a way to justifying believing in somebody without giving credence to their original designation, while at worst its name dropping of the worst kind and absolving yourself from any responsibility for your actions. Its very convenient to be able to say that I consulted the ascendant masters and the angels and they said I was doing the right thing. And did the avocado tree in the corner burst into flames? Look here's the thing. Either believe in them or don't. There' s no half measures when it comes to this. You either think Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died for our sins, and you buy into the whole original sin Garden of Eden story or you don't believe in Jesus. Don't insult people by saying he's not the symbol he was intended to be. If you can't bring yourself to believe in the whole package then don't believe at all. Changing the nature of a God or Goddess to suit your own needs is the worst sort of cultural appropriation. The whole ascendant master(I'm not going to capitalize that any more) thing sounds like the biggest cop out going. Don't want to be bogged down believing in anything, well have I got the answer for you. You don't have to have any faith, follow any structure, hell you don't need to do anything and they're here to serve you. Problems, concerns, should you put out $500.00 for that angel workshop? Ask the ascendant masters, they have all the answers. I seriously wonder what answer you would get from somebody who followed that shit if you asked them what they believed in. What moral code did they follow? How did they judge right from wrong all those sorts of things that a belief system does for you. Whether you agree with peoples replies to that question is irrelevant, but at least the people who follow religions have a point of reference when it comes to moral issues. I fear that with crap like this more and more people will be living in a moral vacuum with no value system what so ever. It will be all based on what suits their individual needs at the time, what's convenient for them, not what's good for others. Ascendant masters range from Jesus to Isis, with probably anybody they can think of thrown in for good measure. There's nothing to believe in, just a bunch of names who maybe signify something but gives you no moral firmament to stand on. The best definition of an ascendant that I've ever seen was in Steven Eriksons' Malazan Books of the Fallen, where they are described thusly" when ascendants start messing about on the mortal plane, mortals better look to their skins" That's probably not quite right but you get the idea. In those books ascendants are simply beings, human and otherwise, who have achieved immortality. Their arrogant, merciless, and care little for the people anymore. When they do interfere it's for their own personal gain, not to be helpful or beneficent. If you want to worship Isis, or start up the cult of Dionysus then that's all fine and good, but really worship them and understand what it is you are doing. Don't just drop their names into conversation to justify yourself as being enlightened or in the know. It's insulting to people who genuinely believe and its not helping you in any real way. cheers gypsyman


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