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F.B.I.: Animal Rights and Environmental groups Biggest Internal Terror Threat

That's right, that's not a mis print or a typo. So you can stop worrying about people flying planes into buildings. Or if you are a doctor who performs abortions your safe too, don't have to worry about fanatical Christians. Those right wing militia types that blew up the office building in Oklahoma and threatened other similar type explosions? Harmless. Its those damn tree huggers and anti animal testing people you've got to be scared of.

There you are sitting in the comfort of your living room and then boom all of a sudden they burst in and kill your family all because your youngest daughter is putting eye liner on the family cat. Or one day you're innocently pumping oil in your back yard and kaboom, they've blown it sky high. Yep they sure pose a threat of random violence against individual people don't they?

So who exactly are these people such a threat to that would make Republican senators exclaim that we need to examine the funding of all environmental groups and animal protection agencies to make sure they have no links to terrorist activities. Why the very constituents who propel every decision those erstwhile lawmakers make. Their campaign contributors. The big pharmaceutical and cosmetic corporations who rely on the torturing of animals to mass produce their products. Where would North America be if we couldn't know how a bunny would react to the latest Maybeline product?

Of course the logging industry and the oil companies have no ulterior interest in this at all. There they are innocently clear cutting forests, destroying habitat on land and under water and there are actually people who would like to stop them from doing this. What's worse these people have the nerve to be invoking direct action against them. Its one thing for the American government to take direct action against the nefarious Iraqis for holding out on their oil supplies, but it's another thing altogether for American's to take direct action against the oil companies for despoiling the world we live in. That's not fair.

Of course then there's the insurance companies that have to pay out for the damages that occur because of the actions of these vigilantes. I mean there is only so many dollars they can milk out of people for their medical, home , and auto insurance before they start feeling the pain in their balance sheets.

The problem facing us is the fact that the people who govern us can not see that the actions of these companies are the terrorist acts being committed. The destruction of the environment and the wanton needless testing of animals is a far bigger crime then any retaliatory action any group could take, even to the point of destruction of property. These are actions that are being forced upon people who see no other recourse to get their point across. Protest and scientific proof seem to have no effect upon those intent upon killing all of us for the sake of a buck.

I don't endorse violence of any kind, nor do I support the an action that will see the taking of innocent life, but to so lightly classify these people as the biggest danger facing the United States at this time is ridiculous and misleading that it is a crime in itself. This is obviously the beginning of a misinformation campaign against environmental and animal rights groups in an attempt to alienate the general public from the seriousness of the situation the whole world is in right now. I can only hope that no one in their right mind will actually fall for the idea of feeling sorry for any multinational company who deals in destruction of anything.

If the governments were serious about stopping these acts of sabotage they would effect serious changes in law and procedure. They would immediately take steps to stop the needless use of animal testing, invest money in exploring alternative energy sources and stop the exploitation of our natural resource. Until that time they will only continue to sound like shills for the energy, pharmaceutical and cosmetic businesses. cheers gypsyman


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