Yet Another Thing I Don't Get...

A seemingly endless list

I'm a good weblogger, I follow the rules and hit the next log link on the top of my page periodically. See what other people are writing about, give support etc, etc. I go to these sites and they're littered with comments, people who have read and are responding. Now some I can understand, the ones by authors who have a following for instance, or the ones expressing a point of view, they all make sense. What I don't understand is the blogs where people list the details of their life being so popular.

Who are these people who care enough to read about the fact that somebody in New York had a fight with a girlfriend or whatever. Are we really that puerile? Reality T.V. shows are one thing, but reading and commenting, offering advice and encouragement to total strangers about their lives...Then there are the people who write them. Quite frankly I have no urge to spill the minutiae of my life to the multitudes, that's why I have a therapist isn't it? If I'm having problems with my wife I talk about them with her, not unknown readers.

Maybe its all just family and friends reading these things and instead of talking directly to them this is how they communicate. Through third party discussions. Perhaps the distancing effect of not seeing each other lessens the emotional commitment and limits involvement to such an extent that there is no longer any worry about hurting or being hurt. I mean your not even talking directly to the other person like you would with a messenger service. This is a continual stream of one way information with no need of responsibility. You can completely ignore the other person all that's important is your side of the conversation.

I know that answers the question somewhat, but that's also part of what I don't understand. How has it come about that communication has been reduced to selfish utterances without caring about the other person's needs. A continual one way stream of information is not having a conversation, it's orating. Now I know that's the purpose of a blog, a place where you can blab away to your heart's content about what ever you like. But if your going to talk about personal issues and then invite people to comment on them I think it's become more then just a forum for opinion.

To me it's the ultimate in objectification. Instead of people it's thoughts and feelings being used to satisfy urges. Pornography of the spirit instead of the body. The person posting is reducing emotions and feelings through the depiction of events to self serving attention seeking, while those responding are doing so not out of any genuine concern but as a means of participating vicariously in a life.

It saddens me the number of people who are reduced to this type of impersonal behaviour, and even more so that our society seems to encourage it through the proliferation of so called reality programming that advocates watching instead of participating as a viable life experience. Perhaps I'm old fashioned and out of date to think that people should actually talk to another and share a life, that one earns the right to hear and react to personal information of the level that is being published and responded to on the internet. Maybe this is how things are done in this new modern high tech age and I've just been left behind.

For now then I'll just say goodbye from my world where we talk to each other and laugh and cry about things. Where we can get angry, and forgive each other and actually enjoy the company of friends.

cheers gypsyman


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