Fight Fight Fight

I've been doing a lot of blog cruising these days for the main reason that I'm getting increasingly house bound and it's something amusing to do. While the majority of stuff is harmless and fun, and some of it is quite interesting there is a disturbing trend that I'm noticing. Now there is nothing wrong with stating opinions, I think that is the best think about blogs and I find it highly refreshing, but what is disturbing is the absence of real debate on issues. The majority of what I see from all sides of the political spectrum seems to degenerate into name calling and finger pointing. From the right side we continue to get disparaging remarks about the character of a variety of people, some of which could be construed as slander, while the left isn't far better. While I'm not hesitant about speaking out against behaviour I find off pointing, beliefs that upset me, and am not above finger pointing at times I try not to take anything personally. While I may say things which are critical about the behaviour and actions of a person or an institution I try to show respect for the fact they are still human beings. I have been harshly critical of the Catholic church, fundamentalist Christians, and right wing ideologes and have had harsh things to say about individuals who maintain or prostetlyse from those positions, but I hope that I have never been dismissive of their right to have those beliefs. Just because I don't agree with what they are saying does not make them evil or bad. I'm sure they disagree with me as much as I disagree with them. We are never going to be able to resolve anything or bring about any sort of reconciliation as long as we maintain a school yard attitude towards each other. In Canada people are always astounded by the lack of decorum in our House of Commons. Politicians from various parties shouting at each other, calling out shame shame and generally acting like the worst examples of spoiled brats who can't get their own way. They were doing this even before the proceedings were televised so that tells you something right there. I guess I had held out hopes that debate on the net would be a little more mature, or at least people would try and construct arguments properly. But on the whole everyone just wants to sound like their favorite shouting pundit. Very few blogs do more then re hash what has already been said to the point where they begin to sound like shills for whatever politics they are supporting. I realize that no one will think I'm talking about them, so the ones who this is really addressed to will ignore these comments. But for the rest of your out there wading through the reams of words play this game: count the number of webs where there is no reference to somebody or other and the person writing is talking about an idea. See how many rely on emotional triggers not on reasoned arguments. Then you might get a clue as to how little room there is for debate anymore. despondently yours gypsyman


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