What are they so afraid of?

Almost every time a conservative pundit, politician, publicist or whatever opens his or her mouth your certain to hear some sort of reference concerning "too much government" Whether it's the wasting of tax payers money, cutting through red tape or even worse interfering in the lives of people the inference is that most of the problems in today's society are caused by the presence of this monolithic being called big government.

The thing is that it really is only very specific areas of government that they are complaining about. What seems to gall them is anything to do with social programs. They seem to believe that the government should have no role in directly ensuring the quality of life for a countries citizens. Whether its Health and Welfare, equal rights, gun control, affordable housing, the rights of tenants, day care, or the environment doesn't matter, the less involved the government is the better. Of course when it comes to issues that matter to them, abortion, and termination of life support they are all for intervention into highly personal choices.

What's truly interesting is that most of these same people who run down the idea of government are all also proponents of the "My Country Right Or Wrong " attitude. Which leads me to wonder how they define their country if not by their government. Doesn't that saying imply blind support for a certain way of life, and by extendtion a system of government that would ensure the continuance of the same. Was not that what the Cold War was about for these same people, the triumph of our style of government over someone else's? Sure we are the so called free enterprise folk while they were the communists, but we still have a government.

I have never understood what is bad about having ones elected officials, the ones the people voted for, help to protect the less fortunate, or stand up for the rights of minorities or to ensure that as many people as possible have their basic needs for survival met. Why is it so horrible that the people we trust to make decisions about going to war are the same ones we trust with our health care system? Why shouldn't we all contribute something towards ensuring the well being of our compatriots? What is there to be afraid of in a system that shows compassion?

To me the cry for less big government is the cry of those who are scared of losing their privileges to dominate over the rest of us. Less government actually curtails the right of individuals more then anything by putting more power in the hands of people who have direct effect on our lives. Who has a more direct effect on how much money you make? The person you work for or the government. If there are no regulations dictating how a worker has to be treated an employer is not bound by anything when it comes to guaranteeing salaries, job security, pensions or anything else that makes your life a little more bearable. One only has to look at the behaviour of such upstanding corperate citizens like Wal Mart who at the first sign of union organization close stores and put people out of work rather then risk giving any rights to the individuals that work for them.

Big government is a danger to people who put profit before everything because it guarantees the rights of those who would normally be ignored. It could guarantee that everybody gets affordable medical care, affordable auto insurance, the right to freedom of religion, income in times of illness and hardship, and a pension when your no longer able to work. In the ideal world big government would speak for all of us not just its corporate sponsors. As it stands too much credence is given to the conserns and complaints of the business community. It is hard to have faith in people who on one hand say they are our only hope for a strong economy if we only gave them carte blanche, but given the first opportunity would move their factories and all their jobs to a country desperate enough to sell its people into indentured slavery under the guise of employment.

It is no longer fashionable or possible to single out a particular group to blame for the woes of the nation. So instead of taking direct aim the new technique is blame by inference. When conservatives talk about the special interest groups who revel in big government the nod and wink is pretty damn obvious. It's amazing how poor urban people can compete for a politician's attention with the big monnied lobbyist from the insurance companies and the oil industry, but that must be the case. If there is less government then there's less chance that the rights of those worse off then us will be represented.

When someone champions the cause of reducing government what they are really fighting for is a reduction in the rights of individuals. If the power of the government to regulate industry is reduced disaster invariably follows. One only need look at what happened to the airline industry in the United States following deregulation. The number of accidents and near misses increased, airport security became lax(if the government controlled airport security not private rent a cops do you really think people could have gotten weapons onto the planes on 9/11 one only need look at Europe and Israel to see what good state run security can accomplish)and the industry went down the toilet.

Democratic countries have constitutions which control the actions of their governments, dictating what they are allowed to do, and what they can't do. That's what they are there for. A government's job is to work within the framework of that constitution to provide for the happiness and security of it's people. What's good for the country is government that lives up to that standard.

cheers gypsyman


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