Moving Home

I don't know about the rest of you but I've always hated moving. All that worry about things getting broken and the hassels of packing everything up and than finding it latter and unpacking it. Yech! Well thankfully moving a blog is not quite as difficult, but is still time consuming. That's why this message is here. As of now all my new posts will be appearing at http://blogs.epicindia.com/leapinthedark but I'll be maintainging the archive here. You can still leave comments for me on any of the articles you read in these pages, because the nice people at blogger will let me know it you have anything to say. I've enjoyed my stay here at blogger, and the only reason I'm making the move has to do with my needing a change of view and for my desire to increase my relationship with the folk over at epicindia. They have been very good in providing exposure for my work and I want to reciprocate in kind. By taking my blog over to their portal I hope to attract what few people I have to come with me. So come on by and check out the new view. I'm still the same old iconoclast, so that won't have changed. Hope to see you all there. gypsyman


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